Local councillors call for 40% pay increase due to workload

The increase would see their income go to €23,000 a year

Local councillors, pay increase, AILG, county councillor, John Crowe

ALIG executive committee for 2015/16 at AILG Head Office, Maynooth | Image: ailg.ie

Councillors are calling for a 40% pay hike due to what they say is a substantial increase in workload.

The increase would see their income go from just over €16,000 per year to €23,000.

John Crowe is the president of Irish Association of Irish Local Government (AILG).

He thinks councillors deserve to be better paid.

"The amount of work that councillors are doing nationwide is unbelievable", he told Newstalk Breakfast.

"They are the people that are on the ground, they're the people that are meeting people 24/7".

"Any problem in an area, the first person you will go to is your county councillor" he added.