Labour rules out pre-election pacts with other parties

Brendan Howlin has been addressing his party's conference

Labour rules out pre-election pacts with other parties

Brendan Howlin addresses the Labour Party conference in Wexford | Image via @labour on Twitter

The Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin ruled out pre-election pacts with any other party.

Mr Howlin was speaking at the 69th Labour Party Conference in Wexford - the first under his leadership.

He says he wants to re-engage with communities who have fallen out with the party.

"We have appointed more than 40 new area reps - I suppose to reach out to communities, some of whom probably have fallen out with us, have felt let down by us.

"We want to have that dialogue, that conversation - and win them back to supporting the Labour Party".

The party is hoping for a significant increase in seat numbers after the next election.

Mr Howlin says the party is ready for any snap poll, telling delegates: "Whenever the next election comes, we'll be ready.

"With candidates like Deirdre Kingston, Andrew Montague, Rebecca Moynihan and Ged Nash already selected

"We have the people who can win. We'll have the policies that are right.

"We will stand as an independent party. Not beholden or secondary to any one else."

But he says Labour will only go into government again if they can deliver real change.

"We certainly will not be - as far as I'm concerned - be involved in any government unless we can be a defining element of that, unless our policy platforms form the core of it.

"I'm not interested in involving the Labour Party in government, and I won't be recommending Labour Party in government, unless those terms are fulfilled".