Suggestion of Burton and Kelly nominating each other for party leader "farcical"

Party rules say any potential leader needs to be seconded by another TD

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Joan Burton and Alan Kelly do a walk about together at the 2015 Labour Party Think-in | Image:

One member of the Labour Party has said he cannot see a situation where Joan Burton and Alan Kelly nominate each other for the party leadership.

Michael McNamara told Newstalk Breakfast he "really couldn't see that happening".

Party rules say that you can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else - as well as being seconded by another TD.

The Irish Times says it is suggested that Ms Burton and Mr Kelly may second each other's nomination for leader, as neither is certain of getting a second from the parliamentary party.

But Mr McNamara hit out at the suggestion, saying: "I can't see it being realistic or I can't see that happening...I can't see how somebody could run for leader of the Labour Party not enjoying the support of even one other TD".

"It's only speculation at this stage...but I personally would see it as farcical".

"It does appear that Joan wants it, it does appear that Alan Kelly wants it - but it does appear equally that they don't have the support of even one other TD to nominate them", Mr McNamara said.

"Obviously there would be a lot of support for Brendan Howlin - whether he wants it or not isn't clear".