LG unveil their latest attempt to take on top tier Android phones with the V20

The V20 features dual cameras and a second screen

LG are the there or thereabouts phone manufacturer these days, not able to catch up with the juggernaut of Samsung and facing stiff competition from Motorola and Huawei. That lets them get a little weird, or unique as they may spin it, with the phones they produce.

Their newest offering still contains a little weirdness while looking like the kind of phone you'd cart around without fear of the weirdness.

The LG V20 has the guts of a regular smartphone with all the usual parts you'd expect from a flagship phone, but LG just couldn't get away with making a normal phone.

The V20, like the V10 before it, features a second smaller screen, like a little strip above the main 5.7 inch screen. LG hoped that people would see that it was similar to Samsung's wrap-around screen on the Galazy Edge, but it didn't really work out before.

The second screen lets you put a signature on it, which does give it a more personal feel that most other smartphones don't have. But apart from notifications, it's hard to see how useful that strip will be.

There are some good features though that should have people interested. LG is touting the V20 for having hugely improved video and audio recording capabilities. With more and more phones being used for professional filming, this could be a huge area for LG to focus on and improve.

Like the iPhone we're expecting in a few hours, the V20 has two cameras on the back, featuring optical stabilisation. That means the lenses in the camera can move slightly, counteracting any little jiggly when the video or photo is being captured.

On the software side, the V20 is going to be the first smartphone that ships with the new version of Android, Nougat. While it's likely that other phones will be getting the update around the time the V20 will be shipping, it's still a good thing for LG to brag about.

The V20 looks like a solid new offering from LG. It still has a little sprinkling of their uniqueness while also offering a lot of advantages and updates that make it one to consider if you're looking for a new, high-end Android phone.