LÉ James Joyce rescues over 400 migrants near Tripoli

The operation began early on Saturday

LÉ James Joyce rescues over 400 migrants near Tripoli

Image: Google Maps

The LÉ James Joyce has rescued 423 migrants during search and rescue operations 40 nautical miles north-west of Tripoli.

Earlier today, following a request from the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre, the Irish vessel successfully located and rescued a total of 423 migrants from 18 separate vessels during a complex search and rescue operation.

The rescue commenced at 08.40am and all 423 migrants were taken aboard the ship by 1.45pm, where they are now receiving food, water and medical treatment where required.

In addition to the migrants brought aboard the LÉ James Joyce, the ship acted as on-scene coordinator for five NGO vessels who rescued an additional 1,500 migrants from the 18 vessels.

The ship has rescued over 2,000 people to date and will transfer the rescued migrants to a second vessel later this evening to enable it to carry out further search and rescue operations if required.