Enda Kenny plans to sit down with Apple CEO Tim Cook today

The Taoiseach is in Silicon Valley...

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is due to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook later today in California as part of his US visit.

Today he will be in Silicon Valley as part of his three-day trip to foster US/Irish business connections.

The pair are expected to discuss Apple's plans to continue to invest in their Irish operation following the European Commission's ruling that the company was given an illegal tax deal in Ireland.


The Irish State has been called on to collect some €13bn in back-taxes from the firm - Ireland is appealing this decision.

The tech company is planning to expand in Cork and is developing a major €850m data centre in Athenry in Galway. These plans are subject to a legal challenge from local residents.

An Taoiseach will also visit Facebook's headquarters to meet with top executives from the social media company.

Last night, he attended a networking event for US-based Irish companies which are being supported by Enterprise Ireland.

He also took time to meet with family members of the Irish students who lost their lives in the balcony collapse in Berkeley last year.