No decision made on further garda strike days, says GRA

Both the GRA and AGSI called off their planned industrial action

No decision made on further garda strike days, says GRA

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There has been widespread praise of An Garda Síochána over its decision to suspend a planned industrial action.

However the Garda Representative Association (GRA) say no decision has yet been made over further strike days planned.

Both the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) and the GRA called off the action late last night.

It followed intensive negotiations between the Government and unions facilitated by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

The Labour Court has issued a recommendation in relation to the dispute, which members will now be balloted on.

The offer said to be worth up to €3,639 a year.

The Irish Independent says rent allowance will be restored for new recruits and integrated into garda pay from January 1st. It is thought this may increase wages by €1,045.

It will also see the introduction of a pre-tour payment worth €1,459 a year, and a a new €15 premium payment on annual leave - worth €510 a year.

Speaking last night, AGSI President Antoinette Cunningham said: "A fundamental and historic wrong has been put right tonight as a direct result of the sustained four-year AGSI campaign to gain access to the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court.

"This has always been a key part of our commitment to members and that commitment intensified in recent weeks.

"The AGSI have gained an uplift in the income of all our members, the details of which will be circulated to the National Executive and membership and will be subsequently balloted upon."

'Public confidence in policing'

While Tánaiste and Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said: "This has been an intensive period of negotiation with AGSI and I would like to commend all who have been involved in these complex discussions for engaging in this process in good faith and for their commitment to finding a resolution.

She added: "I welcome the GRA’s decision to request its members to report for duty tomorrow in order to ensure that a full policing service is provided.

"I want to thank the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court for the invaluable role they have played in securing progress in this matter.

"I also want to thank the GRA negotiators and my own Department’s negotiating team for their hard work and the commitment they have shown to finding a resolution over recent days."

The Policing Authority has also welcomed the decision of the associations to suspend the action.

"The Authority acknowledges the intense work done by all parties to secure the deferral in the interest of community safety and public confidence in policing in Ireland.

The Authority hopes that the resolution of the industrial relations matters will to be confirmed at an early date in the best interest of the community."

Jim Mulligan, president of the GRA, told Newstalk Breakfast earlier they have made no decision yet on further strike days.

"A lot of the issues outlined that involved the money that's being talked about - they're legacy issues...that have gone on for a number of years, prior to even the crash".

"These legacy issues have now been dealt with by the Labour Court - and what I must say was our first opportunity to be in the Labour Court."

On the issue of three other planned strike days, Mr Mulligan said: "As of now...we've requested members to parade for duty today.

"That's a matter for the CEC (Central Executive Committee) to decide on Monday".