Junior doctors hint at industrial action following garda pay deal

Unions say the agreement last Thursday has changed the landscape

Junior doctors hint at industrial action following garda pay deal

Doctors on the picket line outside St James's Hospital in 2013 | Image: RollingNews.ie

Junior doctors have become the latest to voice their dissatisfaction following a deal on garda pay.

They say industrial action is likely because of poor working conditions and major issues with their contracts.

Public sector unions say the 11th hour agreement last Thursday night has changed the landscape for their disputes on pay and conditions.

It comes as talks between the ASTI and Department of Education are due to resume this afternoon in a bid to avert their strike.

Non-consultant hospital doctors are now threatening industrial action if negotiations to reinstate their 'living-out allowance' fold.

The union representing doctors, the the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) will begin a talks process this week in a bid to end a four year long battle with the Department of Health.

Spokesperson for the IMO is Dr John Ruddy.

"It's difficult to say how serious the employer side is on genuinely engaging with this issue.

"We've been trying to get them to engage for four years; and given that we had to go to court to get them to talk to us I'd be a little bit pessimistic.

"But we want to talk and we want to get this issue resolved - but we're absolutely reserving the right to take industrial action if the talks aren't concluded to our satisfaction".

"When you're employer isn't treating you with respect and honouring your contract that just adds to the stress.

"That's why doctors have been leaving the country in droves...and they go to countries where they're treated properly and are given the resources to do their job - and are treated with respect by their employer", he added.