Julian Assange is due to interrogated inside the Ecuadorian embassy by Swedish officials next week

He has not left the embassy in London since June 2012

Julian Assange will be interrogated inside the Ecuadorian embassy over sexual assault allegations in Sweden.

The Swedish chief prosecutor, deputy prosecutor and police inspector will be present next week.

The Wikileaks founder - who denies the allegations - has not left the London embassy since June 2012. He was granted political asylum by Ecuador but cannot leave the building for fear of extradition to Sweden and then on to the United States.

Assange is wanted in the United States for publishing confidential documents relating to the US intelligence services. The US has come down hard on government employees and contractors who leak classified information.

Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden were charged with violations of the Espionage Act. Manning is currently in prison while Snowden lives in exile in Russia.

Assange only published information leaked to his organisation and therefore his situation in relation to the Espionage remains unclear.  

His website recently published roughly 30,000 secret emails in relation to Hillary Clinton as the US election reaches its climax. The FBI has cleared Clinton earlier today in relation to any wrongdoing in "email gate".

Assange is due to be questioned by Swedish officials on Monday 14th November.