Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert set to team up to cover Republican National Convention

The comedians will be reunited after their work on The Daily Show

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, RNC

Image: Charles Sykes / AP/Press Association Images

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be working together to cover the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

According to reports, Stewart will step in front of the cameras again on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from Monday. 

Vulture, who first ran with the story, stated that he will make at least one appearance, on the first night of the coverage, in order to kick it off and lure viewers to their lineup throughout the duration of the RNC.

According to Yahoo, other guests during the week will include John Oliver, comedian Keegan Michael-Key of Key and Peele, as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

With Trump promising a different convention to the type of events seen in the past, it's sure to provide plenty of fodder for both Stewart and Colbert, with a number of unexpected speakers set to take to the podium, including UFC President Dana White, golfer Natalie Gulbis and soap opera actress Kimberlin Brown.

Speaking on CBS' This Morning show, Colbert noted that they would be going live throughout the Republican and Democratic conventions, which begin on the 18th of July, and refused to deny the reports that Stewart would be returning.

Teasing that he may bring back the Stephen Colbert character from his Comedy Central show, he stated that "it doesn’t mean he won’t show up. He’s very needy and he loves the limelight, maybe even more than I do. We think he might be holed up with Jon some place."

With such a bizarre campaign unfolding, many have lamented the absence of Stewart's brand of comedic political analysis from television screens in the last few months, but the mere promise that he could show up may mean big ratings for Colbert. 

Via Vulture, Yahoo