Supreme Court reserves judgement in John Gilligan bid to stop CAB selling properties

Convicted drug dealer claims he was not given an opportunity to challenge the original application to seize his assets

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John Gilligan. Image:

The Supreme Court has reserved its judgement in John Gilligan’s attempt to stop the Criminal Assets Bureau from selling a number of properties.

The convicted criminal, who spent 17 years behind bars for drug dealing, claims he was not given a chance to challenge the original application.

In 1996, the Criminal Assets Bureau successfully applied to have John Gilligan’s assets frozen.

Twelve years later, the Supreme Court declared some of those assets, and some in the names of his wife and children, came from the proceeds of crime.

In 2011, the family failed to convince the High Court they were bought from legitimate earnings and they were handed over to the State.

The infamous Jessbrook equestrian centre was sold a few years ago, and the family is now trying to overturn orders allowing for the same fate to befall an adjoining property and two others in Dublin.

They are challenging both the 2011 High Court decision and the original Supreme Court decision on a number of grounds including a claim they were denied an opportunity to challenge the application to freeze the assets.

The two-day hearing has now ended and the convicted drug dealer will have to wait until a later date to find out if the appeal has been successful.