WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel takes shot at United Airlines

Other carriers are also capitalising on the bad press

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel takes shot at United Airlines

Image: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fallout is continuing for US carrier United Airlines after a passenger was forcibly removed from a flight.

69-year-old Dr David Dao was taken, screaming, out of the cabin after the airline asked people to volunteer to give up their seats because it was overbooked.

Footage of a bloodied Dr Dao being dragged off the plane on Sunday night has since gone viral.

United Airlines chief executive Oscar Munoz has since apologised for the "truly horrific event".

But now several places are capitalising on the bad press for United.

TV talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel talked about the incident in his monologue - before cutting to a new 'advert' from the airline.

In the piece, a woman dressed as United flight attendant says: "We're United Airlines - you do what we say when we say, and there won't be a problem.

"If we say you fly, you fly. If not tough s**t.

"Give us a problem and we'll drag your ass off the plane - and if you, resist we'll beat you so badly you'll be using your own face as a flotation device."

It finishes with the airline's logo, saying: "United Airlines: F**k You".

In a tweet, rival airline Emirates references comments Mr Munoz made in March saying: "Those (Gulf) airlines aren't airlines".

Mr Munoz made made the comments at a US Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit in Washington DC.

Emirates then goes on to show that it has won three TripAdvisor awards this year: Best Airline in the World, Best Economy Class and Best First Class.

It advises passengers to "Fly the friendly skies...this time for real". This is a dig on United Airlines' actual motto: "Fly the friendly skies."

In a similar vein, Royal Jordanian Air posted a picture to its official Twitter account showing a no smoking symbol.

Under the symbol, the text reads: "We would like to remind you that drags on our flights are strictly prohibited by passengers and crew".

In the tweet itself, the airline say: "We are here to keep you #united Dragging is strictly prohibited".