Japanese app will let you see dead relatives again

Spot Message lets you record a video and have it play in a certain location

Augmented reality seems to be becoming a huge success for smartphone apps. The mix of the phone's camera and GPS make it easy to make AR games and apps work well on your phone.

We saw the best example of AR on your phone with Pokemon Go, but now there's a new app in the works that could make AR a lot more personal.

Spot Message is a Japanese app that lets you record a video message and have it play in the app at a certain location, and overlaid in the real world thanks to the camera in your phone.

It sounds innocent enough, until you learn that the company behind the app is a maker of tombstones.

The initial idea for the app was for your relatives to record short messages before they die and for those to become part of your app. Then when you visit their graves or any other spots you chose, they will appear in the app and offer the message to you.

The app was developed by the company for very personal reasons. When Yoshiyuki Katori, president of the company behind the app, lost his uncle, he often found comfort in visiting his grave and wished he could see him and have him deliver some wise words. It was then that Katori came up with the idea for Spot Message.

While seeing your dead relatives might seem a little morbid for some, the app will of course also let you upload much more lighthearted messages and scenarios. Think along the lines of a message at the spot where your husband proposed to you.

The app is only available in Japan right now, but if they move away from the emphasis on death, expect it or something similar to be available worldwide soon.