James Bulger killer returned to prison over child abuse images

Jon Venables 10-years-old when he murdered the British toddler in 1993

James Bulger killer returned to prison over child abuse images

A mugshot of Jon Venables taken on 20-02-1993 when he was 10-years-old

One of the people convicted of killing British toddler James Bulger has reportedly been returned to jail after being caught with child abuse images.

Jon Venables, who was 10-years-old when he murdered the young child in 1993, was reportedly arrested last week after the indecent material was found on his computer.

It is the second time he has been caught with child abuse images.

He was previously returned to jail in 2010 for downloading and distributing dozens of indecent images of children online.

In a post on Twitter, James' mother, Denise Fergus, wrote: "Here we go again."

Her husband Stuart responded: "You always said this…7 years on…#HappenedAgain."

Venables, now in his 30s, was reportedly detained after the images were discovered during a routine check at his home by probation officials.

James Bulger’s grave in Kirkdale Cemetary, Liverpool, 03-03-2010. Image: Dave Thompson/PA Archive/PA Images


He was originally jailed for life alongside 10-year-old classmate Robert Thompson for the abduction, torture and murder of two-year-old James in Bootle, Merseyside, in 1993.

The two boys were released on licence with new identities in 2001.

Venables went on to offend again, including arrests for affray and possession of cocaine in 2008.

In 2010, he was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to downloading images of child abuse.

Venables, who was reportedly given a second new identity after his first alias was revealed, was granted parole in 2013.


A post on the James Bulger Memorial Trust's Facebook page encouraged people to leave messages of support for Mrs Fergus.

"It will obviously mean the world to her, and Stuart and all the family," a spokesperson for the charity said.

"A bit of love to get them through this never ending nightmare!"