It's slime, storms and sports as Google releases Ireland's top searches for 2017

Hurricane Ophelia, Donald Trump and Ireland’s world Cup campaign dominate the list

It's slime, storms and sports as Google releases Ireland's top searches for 2017

James McClean and Seamus Coleman following the FIFA World Cup 2018 Play-Off loss against Denmark, 14-11-2017. Image: NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images

Google has provided an interesting snapshot into the year that was in Ireland – with its top trending internet searches for 2017.

It was the weather, sport and politics that Irish people were interested in – with Hurricane Ophelia, Donald Trump and Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Denmark topping the list.

US President Donald Trump continues to capture the imagination with many of us wondering ‘what is covfefe?’ and ‘what is DACA’ (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Official portrait of US President Donald J. Trump released by the White House, 31-10-2017. Image: CNP/SIPA USA/PA Images

In sport, Ireland’s ultimately heartbreaking attempt to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia dominated the public sphere – with Conor McGregor’s Las Vegas fight against Floyd Mayweather coming in second.

A lot of us also googled 'what is bitcoin,' 'what is a fidget spinner' and 'what is a tracker mortgage.'

Google publishes the statistics every year and Newstalk’s Tech Expert Jess Kelly said they always provide a surprising mix.

“The movies that we were searching were Dunkirk, Beauty and the Beast and La La Land.

“What is really interesting is if you look down at the how-to section; the top trending how to search of 2017, here in Ireland, was how to make slime.”

When it comes to recipes there was one clear favourite.

“So spaghetti Bolognaise was top of the list but we definitely have notions in 2017,” she said.

“Guacamole, pavlova and banana bread were all in the top ten too.

“So the staples are there – spaghetti and chilli con carne – but we do have notions as well.”

Other notable top searches included the Bus Éireann strike, Harvey Weinstein and Netflix’s controversial TV series “13 reasons why.”