'It's not so much about the gender pay gap, but why are women not being promoted into senior roles?' - Peter Cosgrove

CPL Recruitment's Director Peter Cosgrove set the record straight on the 14.4% figure of a gender pay gap.

It has been suggested that Irish women will work the equivalent of from now until January 2017 for free as a result of the gender-pay gap.

Peter Cosgrove of CPL Recruitment joined George Hook on High Noon today to discuss the suggestion that women will basically be working the rest of the year for free when you compare their earnings to their male counterparts.

'It's not as simple as a straight 14.4%. The reality is that more women work part time, and they work more flexible hours because of family commitments.  These positions then become more competitive.'

'If you were, for example, to take accountants, male and female, and take both their pay, they wouldn’t be that far apart, or even at all.  You could still have a 4-5% discrepancy though.  And that does need to be tackled.'

He and George also discusses the recruitment process for employers, and the prevalence of simple biases when it comes to hiring.

Listen to the full interview below.