“It is very tough at this point" - Ibrahim Halawa still waiting for prison release

Mr Halawa's sister Fatimah has said the last two weeks have been the hardest of his four year imprisonment

Ibrahim Halawa's family have said they still don't know when he is coming home to Ireland.

The 21-year-old Dubliner has been locked up in an Egyptian jail for four years.

He was arrested during demonstrations against the ousting of former-President Mohammed Morsi in August 2013.

He was cleared of all charges against him two weeks ago but a delay in the paperwork means he still hasn't been freed from prison.

His sister Fatima says he is very frustrated:

“It is very tough at this point because he thought at this stage he was going to be home – he has been acquitted, so finally he would be released but he is not even out of prison yet; he is still within the prison walls,” he said.

“He was saying these two weeks have been way harder than the past four years in terms of having to wait and actually being released.”

Mr Halawa’s case was delayed 28 times before his legal team were permitted to launch a defence.

Following his acquittal, the Government said it was working to get him home “as soon as possible” and expected him to be released from custody “without delay.”