Is a second Scottish independence referendum coming?

The region voted to stay in the EU last year...

Is a second Scottish independence referendum coming?

Archie campaigning for Scottish independence / David Cheskin PA Archive / PA Images

A sequel to 2014's Scottish independence referendum could be in the works as the UK prepares to trigger Article 50.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned that the British government's hardline Brexit stance could lead to a fresh referendum.

"If an independence referendum does arise it will not be down to bad faith on the part of the Scottish government, but to sheer intransigence on the part of the UK government," she stated.

In January she revealed that she was prepared to put hopes of a fresh vote to one side to try to get the best possible Brexit deal for Scotland - with a particular focus on securing Single Market access.

Since then Theresa May has revealed that the UK plans to make a clean break with the EU, turning away from the Single Market.

Recent opinion polls indicate that a slim majority currently supports Scottish independence.

Writing in The Times the Scottish politician said, "We continue to seek compromise with the UK government - although we have not seen any evidence so far of real willingness to compromise." This is despite promises from the British PM to consult representatives throughout all of the UK's regions throughout the Brexit process.

Reuters reports that there is a renewed belief in the SNP that the Scottish public will vote for independence if another referendum is held.

Its sources say that a vote could be called for as soon as next month when Article 50 is triggered.