Irish-made supernatural drama 'Penny Dreadful' axed

Filmed in and around Dublin since 2013, the show's producers revealed it will not be returning to screens

Penny Dreadful, Showtime, John Logan, Josh Hartnet

The cast of 'Penny Dreadul' [Showtime]

The Showtime-produced supernatural drama Penny Dreadful has come to a surprise end after its producers announced the show would not be returning for a fourth season. Staring Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, the show’s loss is a blow to the Irish TV industry, having been filmed in Dublin and Wicklow and had employed hundreds of extras across its 27-episode run.

When fans tuned into the season three finale on June 19th, they were met with a title card at the end of the episode with the words “The End.” The show’s twitter profile they posted a video, containing plot spoilers, of producer John Logan, confirming that it had finished.

“We knew where it was going and how we wanted to end it. It seemed to be the only place it could end,” Logan said.

A supernatural drama combining a number of well-known Gothic horror characters taken from the pages and myths of 19th century Britain, Penny Dreadful lavishly recreated Victorian London in various sets and studios around Dublin and Wicklow.

In addition to starring Green and Hartnett, the show also featured many well-known character actors, including Timothy Dalton, Helen McCrory, Sarah Greene, and Billie Piper. In its run, Penny Dreadful was nominated for three Emmys and won three BAFTAs.

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