Irish workers get the lowest amount of days off in Europe, according to Expedia

A lot of us would give up alcohol, sex, or social media for more days off...

Of the 13 European nations surveyed in the 2016 Vacation Deprivation study Ireland comes in last - our neighbours in the UK are reported to have 4 more days off this year.

A new study from Expedia reports that since 2013 holiday days have been on the increase but that trend reversed this year - falling by 7% to an average of 21 days.

Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, and UAE tie at the top on the list with a full 30 days of annual leave.

80% of Irish workers said they take all of their holidays - and four out of five feel no guilt when taking time off.

Two third of the Irish respondents said that they feel that we should have more free days - with employees looking for an average of 6.4 extra days off.

Irish workers would be willing to give up their creature comforts for a few more days holidays; 49% of Irish workers would give up alcohol for a week to get just one extra day of annual leave - 47% would cut out social media and one fifth would give up sex for more days off, according to Expedia.

Despite having less days off - only 45% of Irish workers consider themselves somewhat vacation deprived, or don’t think they’re deprived at all. This is compared to the Spaniards, who get on average 30 annual leave days, but 68% say they are vacation deprived.