WATCH: Irish newsreader gets the giggles in Scotland

Nick Sheridan was reading about a pensioner terrorising hotel guests

WATCH: Irish newsreader gets the giggles in Scotland

Image: STV

A video of an Irish newsreader in Scotland has received over 60,000 views, after he got the giggles while reading headlines.

Nick Sheridan was reading the morning news on Glasgow station STV2 when a story about a pensioner terrorising guests at a hotel made it hard for him to keep a straight face.

"A nude pensioner terrorised guests and staff at a luxury resort hotel by brandishing scissors during a drunken rampage", Sheridan read.

The man's wife, who was wearing a nightdress, also threatened to 'gun down' staff at the hotel.

The man was fined stg£2,750 (€3,002).

As Sheridan read on to his next story, his voice broke up with laughter - managing to get through a piece about Dundee's Flower and Food Festival.

But he found the funny side, tweeting: "Thankfully humans are still reading the news and not robots so these things happen".