Irish crave a snog abroad

According to a survey by, the Irish think about travelling more than others, but can’t afford it

The Irish think about travelling spontaneously five times a week, coming out on top of the 3.6 average of other European countries.

We also topped the poll in another more uncharacteristic area, beating France and Italy with 32% of Irish surveyed saying this jaunt would be with the intention of spending more time with a romantic partner.

Despite other reasons such as the typical Irish weather being another major push making us eager to travel, we simply can’t afford it.

The survey states that 68% responded that they don’t have enough disposable income to take a holiday abroad.

Last Minute conducted the survey to investigate why 60% of holiday bookings are made within 21 days of departure.

7,229 people in total were surveyed across France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.