Inquest hears Garda Tony Golden was shot five times

The father of the woman Garda Golden was trying to protect has called for a public inquiry

Inquest hears Garda Tony Golden was shot five times

Garda Tony Golden

Updated 12:45am

The inquest into the death of Garda Tony Golden has heard he was shot five times around one minute after he had called to a house in Omeath, Co Louth.

The father of three was shot dead on the 11th of October 2015 by Crevan Mackin.

He was on duty at the time. 

The inquest heard Mackin killed the garda, shot his girlfriend and then took his own life

This morning, the Deputy State Pathologist told the inquest Garda Golden died from multiple gunshot wounds. 

The court heard one of the shots hit the garda in the back and would have killed him very quickly.

Domestic dispute

In October 2015, Siobhan Phillips gave a statement to Garda Tony Golden about being viciously beaten up by her partner and the father of her two children Crevan Mackin.

The 21-year-old told the garda that, two days previously, Mackin had hit her in the head, ribs and had spat at her.

She said he had cut her wrist and thigh with a knife, had called her a tramp and ordered her out of their bed and told her to sleep like a dog.


When she relayed the abuse to Garda Golden, he said ‘you can’t be intimated by a bully’ and they went to the couple’s house in Omeath - along with her dad - to get her belongings.

The dad – Sean Philips - said he saw Tony Golden and his daughter walk up to the house, open the door and heard Crevan Mackin say she wasn’t leaving him.

There was screaming, three bangs, a pause and three more bangs.

Tony Golden was shot five times, Siobhan Phillips was seriously injured and Crevan Mackin killed himself.


The State funeral of Garda Anthony Golden, 15-10-2015. Image: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

Last week an RTÉ investigates programme revealed that nine months before the shootings, Mackin had admitted to Gardaí that he had imported weapons - including the same model of gun which killed Garda Golden.

Despite his admissions, he wasn’t charged with the crime and was instead charged with IRA membership, which he denied, and was released on bail.

Sean Phillips told the inquest he wanted a public inquiry into what happened and why Mackin was out of jail when he carried out the shootings.