Independent review to be carried out into Garda homicide figures

A review last year found that 41 deaths needed to be further examined

Independent review to be carried out into Garda homicide figures

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An independent review is to be carried out into garda homicide figures.

It comes after the Policing Authority expressed concerns over the internal garda review.

Last year a review of some 524 deaths found that 41 needed to be further examined.

Subsequently 12 were re-classified as homicides.

There have been questions raised about whether those cases were investigated properly.

The gardaí has said they were, but now the Policing Authority wants their own review into the matter.

Independent review

Labour's Justice Spokesperson Sean Sherlock says it is necessary:

“In order for everybody to be absolutely confident about the process here; if the issue that was highlighted by the Policing Authority in relation to the approach; if that is now subject to an independent review then I think that would give everybody absolute confidence in the process ,” he said.

“Our view is that it has to be an independent review.

“I don’t think it is sufficient that the gardaí themselves would be carrying out an internal tyre kicking if you will on their own cases in terms of how they were handled.

“We want a robust approach.”


While Sinn Féin's Donncha O'Laoghaire says there are questions that need to be answered.

“There are clearly people who were involved in this, potentially very courageous people, who have made these disclosures who don’t accept that,” he said.

“Who don’t believe that these cases were properly investigated.

“It is unsettling and worrying that these cases could have been misclassified at all.”

The Justice Minister met a number of times with the acting garda commissioner this week, and told the Dáil all cases were properly looked into.