Incidents at fan zone in Paris as supporters clash with police

The Euro 2016 final has drawn huge crowds to the capital

Paris, France, Portugal, Euro 2016,

Image: Francois Mori / AP/Press Association Images

Police and supporters have clashed in incidents at a fan zone which has been set up for the final of Euro 2016 in the French capital.

Riot police were sent to the scene and have used tear gas and a water canon to try and stop people getting into the packed fan zone.

Fires have been started outside the park by the Eiffel Tower where it is believed that as many as 90,000 people are watching the match between Portugal and France.

According to RT, a number of scooters were also set ablaze outside the fan zone, which emergency services confirmed were being dealt with.

The standoff between police and fans continued throughout the first half of the game, while an image shared on social media appears to show smoke rising from around the famous Paris landmark, where the fan zone is based.