Two Irish Red Setters rescued from waterlogged garden in Sligo

The dogs have already found new homes to help their recovery

ISPCA, Sligo, dogs, rescued, Red Setters, dangerous, Karen Lyons

Image: ISPCA

The ISPCA has rescued two Red Setter dogs from a property in Co Sligo.

It says the dogs were living in unsuitable conditions in a waterlogged back garden, filled with dangerous discarded materials.

They were seized by ISPCA Inspector Karen Lyons and brought to the National Animal Centre for assessment and treatment.

Both dogs were very underweight and were suffering with painful mats in their fur.

Inspector Lyons said: "The dogs were not only in bad physical shape, but their living conditions were completely unacceptable".

Image: ISPCA

"They had very little space to move around the garden with hazardous objects scattered everywhere. We are pleased that they are now receiving the treatment they need at the National Animal Centre".

The dogs were later signed over to the care of the ISPCA.

Apart from their matted fur and severe lack of body condition, the ISPCA says both dogs are in good health and have lovely personalities.

And they already have secured new homes to continue with their recovery.

It comes as the ISPCA has issued a warning in the run up to the festive season that pets do not make good surprise Christmas gifts - and should never be bought on a whim or given as a surprise at any time of year.

"Researching the right pet for your household and lifestyle is very important. Taking on a pet is a long term commitment that can affect your life for the next 15 years so it is important to ensure you have adequate time and financial resources to care for your pet responsibly", the ISPCA says.