"I actually like it when it goes wrong" - The Newspaper Review

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...

Eagles of Death Metal took to the stage at a U2 concert in Paris last night, singing Patti Smith's People have the power together with the Irish rockers.

It was their first gig since the terror attack at the Bataclan less than a month ago. 80 people died in that particular strand of the attack.

The papers are full of flooding stories from the aftermath of Storm Desmond.

The Irish Independent writes: "Braced for worst, rain to bring more floods. Body of elderly man is pulled from flood waters."

The Irish Times: "€5million emergency fun allocated to victims of Storm Desmond".

The Examiner: "Cabinet to discuss flood aid package".

Those papers also carry pictures of protests in Bandon, while soldiers are also shown sandbagging.

The second story on the broadsheets looks at Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's homily last night, in which he said it was an abuse of the sacrament of baptism to baptise a child just to secure school admission.

The Irish Daily Star leads with the headline "Crim drags hero under car for 30 metres", in relation to the bungled robbery and hit and run in Finglas yesterday.

The Herald carries quotes from the father of missing Trevor Deely, who states that "I'll never give up on missing Trevor".

The Mirror has pictures of the victims of Storm Desmond and the first fatality, Ivan Vaughan (70). He was going home from a gig in Co Monaghan.

That's also on the front page of The Sun.

The Irish Daily Mail cover the Standards in Public Office exposé in RTÉ: "As politicians in RTÉ exposé deny any impropriety it could be 2017 before any disciplinary action over claims that they sought cash", while their banner headline states that "action on sting may take two years".

Many of the papers cover one young man's discovery of €100,000 in cash floating along a river in Vienna, in Austria. He jumped in to rescue the money, but now has to wait a year to see if anyone claims it.

The Irish Times covers a government plan to invest €5billion in up to 40,000 science, research and development projects.

Elsewhere, The Irish Independent reveals that Fianna Fáil wants to offer drivers a way of getting rid of some of their penalty points.

Teresa Mannion has contacted her colleague Aengus MacGrianna to get counselling after her epic weather report, according to presenter Ivan Yates. 

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