Hung Dáil "would be a good idea for democracy" - Noel Dempsey

Polls predict the current coalition will fall well short of a majority

A Former Fianna Fáil Minister claims a hung Dáil would be good for democracy.

Noel Dempsey says without a majority in Government the main parties would be forced to debate motions with the House.

He also claims 'everyone who is elected' has a responsibility to ensure that we have a government that listens to the people.

Three opinion polls this weekend gave different predictions for the outcome of the vote.

Together, they put support for Fine Gael at between 27-31%, Fianna Fáil 17-22%, Sinn Féin 17-21% and Labour 6-10%.

With the current coalition parties still looking well short of a majority, and other possible combinations unlikely to work politically, a minority government looks a distinct possibility.

Noel Dempsey thinks Fine Gael and Labour won't dominate the Dáil: