‘Huge number of unresolved issues’ between Independent Alliance and Fine Gael

“They include the whole issue of cronyism”

The Independent Alliance says it is not certain they will join a Fine Gael led government.

It's after a draft deal was signed off on by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil negotiators last night.

The agreement will now be sent to TDs for their final approval - with a vote for Taoiseach expected to take place on Wednesday.

The Independent Alliance will meet with Fine Gael on Monday – however Shane Ross, from the group - says their six votes for Enda Kenny are not a forgone conclusion.

“We have a huge number of unresolved issues, which have to be resolved between Fine Gael and ourselves,” the Dublin Rathdown TD said.

“It's by no means a certainty that we're going to vote for Enda Kenny for Taoiseach and these issues will to have to be resolved if we're going to do so.

“They include the whole issue of insider’s rights, running Irish society.

“They include the whole issue of cronyism, state appointments by ministers, which has been so abused for many, many years and that reform is absolutely essential."