Are children's birthday parties too expensive?

Two listeners gave their opinion

It's been suggested that children's birthday parties are becoming more and more expensive.

Seven year-olds are said to be the most costly age when it comes to parties - with some parents spending up to €220 for an hour long party.

Speaking on High Noon, one listener in Monaghan spoke of her experience with the issue.

"It's not morally right to be spending that much," Ann told Dr Ciara Kelly on the show. "It's gone too materialistic."

Ann also reckons there is huge peer pressure on parents when it comes to delivering on parties, saying it puts stress on the family unit.

"Some parents may even be borrowing that money or going into date," she said.

Shared parties

To combat the cost of parties, listener Jen said a lot of parents are co-hosting events for their children, with some parties incorporating five children.

"Having another parent or several parents coming on board means you can cut the cost hugely," she said. "No one's obliged to sign up to it, but it seems to be common practice of our children's class".

Parents are compiling contact lists of their fellow parent's details to organise the events, as invitations are not allowed to be distributed in class. However, she finds that more often than that, they are dealing with full class parties.

As well as that, parents are putting a cap on gifts brought to parties.

"You don't bring five separate gifts for five different children. You bring one gift, then at the end of the day, the number of gifts are divided among themselves.

"It's just about getting together with their friends and celebrating their big day."