How free Ryanair flights are the future

Michael O'Leary wants to make his money solely from the extras...

How free Ryanair flights are the future

File photo dated 16/05/16 of Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary. Image: Stefan Rousseau PA Wire/PA Images

Drinks, bags of peanuts and WiFi – this is how Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary sees the airline earning its money in the future, alongside sharing revenues with airports.

As for your ticket? Free of charge.

Speaking to Germany's Handelsblatt, O'Leary said:

"One day I want to have all the air fares on Ryanair being free. Ancillary revenues already make up 30% of our revenues. We might never get there, but at least it’s the objective.”

Continuing to look ahead, The Irish Times reports that O'Leary told the German business newspaper that Ryanair has abandoned its plans to offer a transatlantic service for the time being.

"At the moment there is no aircraft available," he said by way of explanation. "Even if you could find an aircraft, there is none available for the next four years."

Despite this, he doesn't want to cut ties to America completely, saying of US President Donald Trump's early moves in office:

"Isolationism has never yet succeeded anywhere in the world. If it did, North Korea would be the world's greatest economy."

O'Leary also continued his criticism of the Brexit decision along similar lines, stating:

“Britain wants to be a global trading nation with free trade? So why don’t you have free trade with the biggest trading block of the world, Europe? It’s mad."