Here's what happened at the Leaders' Debate tonight

Sean Defoe takes a look

We've seen some testy exchanges in the first leaders debate of the general election campaign.

The leaders of the four major parties took part in the Newstalk/TV3 debate this evening.

The most talked about leader on social media was Gerry Adams - but not all of it good.

There was no clear winner from this evening's debate - however Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin in particular will feel they did themselves no harm.

The leaders talked over each other for large periods during the debate - with Pat Kenny and Collette Fitzpatrick doing an admirable job of refereeing.

The Taoiseach boxed cleverly - remaining quiet during parts of the debate he didn't want to get involved in.

While Micheal Martin launched a scathing attack on the government on their record in health - leading Enda Kenny to say he had regrets.

Gerry Adams came under fire from all three of the other leaders for his stance on the Special Criminal Court.

While Tanaiste Joan Burton attacked the opposition at every opportunity, without landing any knockout blow.

No huge winners, but no huge losers either in the first of a series of debates in this election campaign.

Listen back to the debate in full below: