How a drone could soon be getting you better phone connections

A floating robot could soon help you get a stronger cell connection

How a drone could soon be getting you better phone connections

Photo: PA Images

Drones are being shoehorned into everything they can be, from being military killing machines to a way for you to cheat in Pokemon Go.

Now they could be providing a modern, constantly connected society with a lifeline in dire situations.

US network AT&T is looking at using drones to extend data networks through venues under heavy use such as at concerts and sports events.

The idea would be to have a drone tethered to the roof or top of the venue and for it to repeat the signal coming from a nearby cellular tower that might be just too out of reach for the phones in use there.

The carrier is only in planning stages with this idea right now, but they have shown interest in the drone space before by using them to inspect cell towers.

The idea of having a drone be a network repeater could easily implemented across the world, nothing its limiting it to the US.

Imagine a drone in the corner of Croke Park during an All Ireland final or floating over Stradbally for Electric Picnic. Whichever network could get that going first would surely get trending on Twitter at least.