Housing activists take over vacant Dublin property

It is believed up ten people peacefully occupied the empty property overnight

Housing activists take over vacant Dublin property

Image: Paul Quinn

Housing activists have insisted they 'won't give up the fight' after occupying a vacant property in Dublin's north inner city.

The protestors are calling for action on rent hikes, evictions and poor housing conditions - and insist 'enough is enough.'

Around 150 demonstrators marched from O'Connell Street to Summerhill Parade yesterday evening to highlight the homeless crisis - some wearing Leo Varadkar masks.

The protesters warned that there is no political will to make real and meaningful change to the situation - and claim those in power are just sitting on their hands.

It is believed up to ten people peacefully occupied the empty property overnight.

This woman was one of the group.

"We all have that family member or friend or neighbour that is now becoming homeless or hiding their mortgage distress," she said.

It is understood around seven homeless groups are involved - including Dublin Central Housing Action.

Spokesperson Michelle Connolly said demonstrators are calling for similar vacant properties to be "put under public ownership so that they can be returned to use as a home for people who need it."

"There are so many people at the moment who need a home."

This woman is hoping more people get involved.

"People are angry," she said. "Tension is bubbling and you can feel it."

"People actually are wanting to do something but maybe don't know exactly what to do."

"To those people we just say, 'come down. come down to us.'"

Homeless mother-of-three Tanya said all she wants is a home.

"I will stand here the whole day and night," she said. "I am going to fight this all the way."

She said her situation has left her feeling suicidal.

"It is just as low as I can go. I have never been this low in my life- to be honest with you, if it wasn't for my kids I wouldn't be here."

Demonstrators say it is a peaceful occupation - while Gardaí say they aren't investigating.

Reporting from Paul Quinn ...