Homeless charities battling to get vulnerable people off the streets

Blizzard-like conditions this afternoon are expected to rival those seen in 1982

Homeless charities are working around the clock to offer help to those most in need and get vulnerable people off the streets.

It follows another bitterly cold night and the threat of Storm Emma hitting the country later today.

A Status Red snow and ice warning remains in place for the entire country – with the public urged to stay indoors from 4pm today.

Blizzard-like conditions this afternoon are expected to rival those seen in 1982.

Charities are urging the public to let them know if they see someone in need of help. You can also contact the Dublin Region Homeless Executive

As conditions worsen, those at risk can end up moving to find even greater protection from the elements.


Pat Doyle, CEO of the Peter Mc Verry Trust, has warned that the worsening conditions can force those that are at risk to keep moving.

He said that can make it difficult for outreach workers to locate them.

“We may be working with somebody; we may be visiting; we may be connecting with somebody in the same location every night – and then they move,” he said.

“Given this weather; given the wind and given the snow; people will move now.

“They will move further into hedgerows; further into laneways; further into squats – and that will make it challenging to find them.”


He said outreach workers have been targeting those most reluctant to take shelter in the severe conditions.

He noted that there are good reasons why some people need to be persuaded to come indoors:

“Some of these individuals have been rough sleeping for a long time,” he said.

“So, first  of all, there is a well-formed habit; there is a kind of self reliance.

“Some of it is mental health; some of it is addiction; some of it has got to do with people who have had difficult experiences in institutions in the past.

“There is broken trust – some people have issues around crowds or in groups.”