"This is what I believe, this is how I will vote" - High profile priest says he'll be voting 'yes' in same-sex referendum

Fr Iggy O'Donovan spoke to Newstalk Breakfast this morning

A high profile priest says he'll be voting 'yes' in the upcoming referendum on same sex marriage.

Fr Iggy O'Donovan was speaking after the Bishop of Elphin yesterday called for a 'no' vote and also stated that he believes "the jury's out" on whether people are born gay.

Dr Doran had this to say when it was put to him that gay people in Ireland already have children.

"They may have children - but that's the point - people who have children are not necessarily parents," he said.

"This legislation that the government is introducing - the Children and Family Relationships Bill - seems primarily focused about making it possible for people in various different relationships to have children. It's not about ensuring that children have their parents."

Fr O'Donovan says he accepts the teachings of the Catholic Church, but the bottom line is that there are citizens who see things differently and he respects their right to see things as they do.

"In my case, I'm simply making up my mind and I'm voting yes."

"At the moment, our western democracy is under such pressure but they have one thing going for them... toleration(sic)."

He continued: "Many people see this as a question of human rights and... being a minority doesn't mean they should be deprived those human rights."

He finished by stating: "I'm speaking here as a citizen of this Republic.

"Because I believe in this Republic and its democracy, this is what I believe and this is how I will vote. I will continue my role as a priest, as a Roman Catholic and absolutely the views of my church but I respect others that have different views."