Here's how to override iOS 10's changes to your inbox

This feature of the operating system is frustrating many users...

If you're an iPhone user, you've probably updated to iOS 10 and are constantly stumbling upon new features that either take too long to figure out or are just plain annoying. Last week we told you how to disable Voice Control and today we've a guide to preventing iOS 10 from messing with your inbox. 

One issue, flagged by many users, is the change to the mail app. iOS 10 threads email exchanges together by default. This means users can now see an entire conversation on one screen. 

While this is feature is used on a number of other mail apps, it seems to be causing iPhone users a bit of confusion. Apple has opted to display each thread in chronological order, meaning the most recent message received appears at the bottom of the screen. This is leading to a lot of scrolling for a simple reply. The following steps will disable this feature:

  1. Settings
  2. Scroll down to Mail
  3. Activate “Most Recent Message on Top” option

If you want to quickly move to the earlier messages in a thread, you just tap the left arrow button toward the top

It's also possible to turn off the “Organise by Thread” setting and disable threading entirely. Simply swipe the first toggle above to the left.