Here's how to block your ex from appearing in your Facebook memories

Feature has been criticised for reminding users of hurtful memories

Facebook's "On This Day" feature can be a lot of fun; it's a daily dose of "blast from the past". For those who are not familiar with it, this is what it looks like:


A post, only visible to the user, pops up each day with a list of every post published by the user on that date since they started their profile. For the most part, it's hilarious and cringey. This image above is exhibit A. It can also be used as a digital diary, helping users remember where they were and when; exhibit B.

The user can then opt to share that post / memory with all of their friends, and hilarity usually ensues. Some people, however, have had awkward instances with this feature. Users have been reminded of moments with their ex partner and a deceased friend or family member.

It is possible to block certain people and certain dates from appearing in your personal "On This Day" feed; here's how:

Click 'Preferences' within the "On This Day" page.

This will bring up an new window and allow users to block particular dates or people from appearing in the memories feature in the future.