Here are the top paying jobs in Ireland right now

Who's earning what in Ireland in 2016?

Here are the top paying jobs in Ireland right now

New figures from the Central Statistic Office (CSO) show that average weekly earnings rose to €703.83 across Ireland during the second quarter of this year.

The sector commanding the highest salaries is Information and Communications - which includes the IT sector - where workers earn €1,063.39. This equates to average annual salaries of more than €55,000.

Financial, insurance, and real estate workers were the second highest earners, making an average of  €1,014.66 per week.

On the other end of the scale were accommodation and food services sector, and the arts, entertainment, and recreation - paying out an average of between €331.81 and €467.77.

Average weekly takings for private sector workers increased by 1.5% during the six months to €644.98.

Pay in public sector jobs dipped but the average remains at €905.97.

The biggest percentage increase was in professional, scientific and technical activities sector which rose by 5%. This includes the legal and accounting firms.

Construction enjoyed a 4% bounce - to an average of €734.49 per week.