Heading to Electric Picnic? Buy a burner

Don't run the risk of losing your valuable smartphone in Stradbally

If you're heading to Electric Picnic this weekend, you may want to buy a burner for the weekend, rather than running the risk of losing your smartphone. 

Over the last number of years, I have lost countless hours of my life standing in the line for the Garda stand to report friend's smartphones as lost or stolen. It's a time-consuming pain in the face. 

If you want to avoid all of that, simply buy a cheap button-phone before you head to Stradbally. Doing this will save you much heartache and pain. 

For less than €35, you can get a dumb-phone that will serve you well for the weekend. Some options:

Alcatel 20.45 - available from Vodafone

Samsung Keystone 2 - available from Carphone Warehouse

Of the two devices, the Keystone 2 would be my preference. It's the most basic of smartphones, but the battery lasts for days and it's ideal for keeping in touch with friends in the fields of Stradbally.