Has the Tidal wave crashed?

The music service owned by Jay Z has hit rough waters

Has the Tidal wave crashed?

Jay Z and Kanye talking about their music service Tidal

It’s hard to imagine life without them, but music streaming services haven’t been around that long. While many of us use them on a daily basis, it seems there’s no such thing as a perfect digital music offering. Spotify fought Taylor Swift (and lost) and Apple messed with people’s iTunes collections. Deezer suddenly backed out of plans to go public late last year and Google Music is facing a royalties lawsuit.

The biggest loser in the music streaming game, however is Tidal. The service launched by Jay-Z, his famous wife and their famous pals not too long ago. 

In recent times Tidal has only been spoken about to report on its mishaps. Most recently we witnessed Kanye West’s attempt to provide “The Life of Pablo” exclusively on the service backfire. Not so long ago the company was hit with a legal case over supposed underpayment of royalties, an accusation Tidal rejects.

Now we hear that two senior executives have left the company. Chief Finanicial Officer Chris Hart and Chief Operating Officer Nils Juell are both reported to have set sail from Tidal. In a statement from the company is says “Tidal has terminated CFO Chris Hart and COO Nils Juell”. Short and sweet.

Music fans using Tidal are most likely there to get an exclusive first listen of material from Kanye, Beyonce and Rihanna. Each one a stakeholder in the company and eager for number of subscribers to increase.

Apart from the exclusives, it’s hard to see why one would opt for Tidal over the likes of Spotify or, indeed, Apple Music. They made quite the song and dance about the high-end audio spec, but the average listener wouldn’t really know the difference.

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the future of Tidal; Samsung are reportedly interested in buying the service.