HSE confirms 34 people have died from flu this season

The Executive says the flu season has probably peaked, with around six weeks to go

HSE confirms 34 people have died from flu this season

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The HSE has said that 34 people have died from flu so far this year.

The health body has said the flu season is now in its seventh week - with around six more to go.

However, level of the virus around the country have likely reached their peak.

Dr Kevin Kelleher from the HSE has this advice for people who are feeling unwell:

"As ever, our message is still clear," he said.

"If people still can get the vaccine, they should do and then secondly they should follow our advice on staying at home, sneezing appropriately and keeping away from people."

Dr Kelleher said officials have seen a notable rise in the number of children getting the flu in recent weeks.

He said that was a consequence of the return to school.

"Actually there was a fairly big decline in the over 65s and a bit of a decline in the adults, but it was then influenced by the children," he said.

"So that is the picture."

It comes as tributes are paid to a three-year-old boy who died suddenly in Wexford this morning.

It is understood the toddler passed away at Wexford General Hospital after coming down with 'flu-like' symptoms.

The exact cause of his death has yet to be established.