Guinness is set to get a global makeover

A firm is to re-design Guinness beer taps around the world

Guinness is set to get a global makeover

Image: Dolmen

An Irish firm is to take on the design and development of how Guinness shows up in bars around the world.

A collaboration will see Dolmen re-design Guinness beer taps in global markets - including Ireland, the UK, America, Asia and Africa.

Chris Murphy is design director and CEO of Dolmen.

"We are thrilled to have been invited by the Guinness Global Brand to collaborate as strategic partners with other leading create agencies on the design, development and delivery of an exciting new vision for how Guinness shows up in bars across the world to consumers.

"Guinness is such an iconic, well-known brand and it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to collaborate with a company that has displayed a consistent commitment to excellence for centuries."

Earlier this year, the company also announced changes to its famous harp logo.

The new-look harp was given more defined ridges and the famous 'Estd 1759' was engraved in the harp's body, instead of being written underneath it.

Guinness is brewed in 49 countries worldwide and sold in over 150.

The company owns five breweries in five countries around the world: Ireland, Malaysia, and three in Africa.

The most Guinness is actually sold in Great Britain - followed by Ireland, Nigeria, the United States and Cameroon.

The company say 10 million glasses are drank every day around the world.

Diageo, Guinness parent firm, is listed on both the London and New York Stock Exchanges.