Greta Zimmer, the nurse from the iconic WWII Times Square kiss photo, has passed away

The lady from one of the most well known photos of all time died at the age of 92

image via Wikipedia

image via Wikipedia

One the day that World War II was declared won by the Allied forces, the streets of New York overflowed with celebration, and in one iconic moment, a single image came to define that victory and ebullition.

And this week, a piece of that moment has slipped into history, as Greta Zimmer, the nurse who is being kissed in the photograph, passed away at the age of 92.

Of course, there is a lot about the photograph that people don't know - such as the fact that sailor George Mendonsa was on a date with his future wife, who was standing just a few feet out of frame of the photograph.

Zimmer's son told The New York Daily News: “My mom always had an appreciation for a feminist viewpoint, and understood the premise that you don’t have a right to be intimate with a stranger on the street.” However, he said, “she didn’t assign any bad motives to George in that circumstance, that situation, that time.”