Greater Dublin Area facing night-time water restrictions from Monday

Engineers are trying to fairly balance out the restrictions

Night-time water restrictions will be introduced in the Greater Dublin Area from early next week.

Irish Water said it had taken the decision in an attempt to protect future supply and avoid widespread outages this autumn.

Supply will be 'down to a trickle' from early next week as engineers battle low reserves.

While Met Éireann expects the drought conditions to lift somewhat over the coming days, the recent dry weather is continuing to put pressure on water supplies.

Irish Water will announce full details of the restrictions later today.


The utility’s Kate Gannon said engineers are trying to balance out the restrictions, to minimise the effect on homes and businesses.

“Our operations teams in Irish Water and the local authorities are looking at the 9,800km in the Greater Dublin Area and all of the 800 smaller district metered areas that we have within that,” she said.

“They are looking at the impact that the night-time restrictions would have on each one of those areas to make sure that we maximise the amount of water that we can conserve while minimising the impact on businesses and homes in those areas.”


The utility has warned that the rain needed to help build up new water supplies is simply 'not coming.'

Announcing the restrictions last night, Ms Gannon said: “She added: "We are monitoring the situation, but the weather is not changing, the rain is not coming.

“Something else has to be done to protect water supply and avoid widespread outages in the autumn.”

There are over 20 water schemes across the country already on restrictions, and a national hosepipe ban remains in place.