Government publishes new rules for apartment design

All major developments will have to contain on, two and three-bed apartments

Government publishes new rules for apartment design

File pic: Dublin city centre apartments

The government has published new rules for the design of apartments - in a bid to encourage more development.

The rules include a requirement for all major developments to include a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments - half of which must exceed a minimum size.

However the new rules also include a new regulation for studio apartments, while all apartments will now have to include a terrace or balcony of some sort.

They also relax the demands for all apartments to have windows facing two sides to take in sunlight - although builders are still encouraged to offer them wherever possible.

Minister for Environment Alan Kelly and Paudie Coffey, Minister for Housing, presented the new regulations today.

Both men said the regulations were aimed at encouraging building more apartments, saying current regulations were holding back construction.

“This year in Dublin, we needed 8,000 residential units to be built, but only 2,700 were actually delivered and viability of new construction, especially for apartments, is one factor holding back supply,” Mr Kelly said.

Apartments currently make up 11% of all occupied households in the country, and one-third of the total in Dublin, the Government said today, adding that new regulations were needed to deal with increasing demands.

Mr Kelly insisted that new regulations would not mean a reduction in living standards.

“I will not stand for shoe-box living that was the hallmark of the Fianna Fáil governments of the past,” he said.