Google unveil features of the next iteration of Android OS

Android O is on the way

Google has started to roll out a BETA version of Android O, the next version of the mobile operating system. 

The company has highlighted a number of features that will be available to Android users in the near future. 

The arrival of Android O brings 'Notification Dots'. This is a small circle in the right corner of an app icon, which informs a user that a specific app has a new note tied to it. A long press will launch a preview window, meaning users will not have to enter the app to see the content. 

Another interesting feature of the new update is "Smart Text Selection". If a user sends an address or business name in a message, it's possible to highlight the whole segment, to help avoid highlighting text piece by piece. 

'Picture in Picture' is the ideal feature for those who like to multi-task. It's possible to place a small video box on the home screen, whilst continuing to work on another app. Essentially, users will be able to watch Netflix whilst sending an email.