Get the smiley you want by voting on EmojiRequest

You can look through a huge selection and request what new emoji you want

Emoji have done their job of replacing language and the written word very well, but sometimes there's the one emotion or feeling that none of them represent well enough for you to use.

Now there's a way that you can try and get that smiley face you want to appear in the usual emoji language with EmojiRequest.

There you'll see a selection of new emoji that you can "request", which is basically like giving your signature to a petition to back that emoji.

What emoji we use now is chosen by a group called the Unicode Consortium. They decide how computers display text and characters on your screen so it's the same on any device you use, from desktops to smartphones. They also have full control over what emoji we have.

EmojiRequest won't suddenly make the most requested emoji appear in your keyboard. What it'll do is create a proposal to send to Unicode to have these emoji appear.

As one of Unicode's biggest factors when applying for new emoji is to have an idea of how frequently it'll be used, this will give a much better impression than any way done before. After the request, it's then all up to Unicode to decide what to do.