Gerry Adams says Sinn Féin is "not ruling out co-operating with any party"

Deputy Adams says he thinks the new Dáil and Government composition is likely to mark a 'false dawn' for Irish politics

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Gerry Adams has said Sinn Féin is "not ruling out co-operating with any party" following the formation of a new Government.

Deputy Adams' party has 23 deputies in the 32nd Dáil, making them the third largest party.

Although Fianna Fáil reached an arrangement to support a Fine Gael-led minority Government, they are not members of the new Government and remain the largest Opposition party.

Speaking to Newstalk Lunchtime today, however, Gerry Adams argued that "we are the real Opposition".

He says there is a 'huge inconsistency' in Fianna Fáil's current arrangement and Micheál Martin's pre-election campaign to 'put Fine Gael out'.

The Sinn Féin leader says he does not believe the current Dáil and Government make up marks a new political dawn, suggesting "I think if anything it's a false dawn... I hope I'm wrong in that regard".

Deputy Adams suggests that his party was "always very clear that we would have talked to Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, notwithstanding our view that their re-election to Government was not in the common good or national interest. It was they who refused to talk to us".

However, he also indicated that there is possibility for collaboration under the arrangement that was finalised last week.

"I think 39 TDs have a motion to scrap Irish Water and water charges - we'd be looking for the support of Fianna Fáil on that," he explained.

He says parties will co-operate in efforts to try and get a public health service, as well during theDáil housing committee which is currently meeting.

"We didn't often have the opportunity to praise the last Government, but in fairness when they did something which was good we lauded and commended them for that," he added.