German police seize Donald Trump-shaped ecstasy tablets

Two men were stopped coming back from The Netherlands

German police seize Donald Trump-shaped ecstasy tablets

Image: Facebook/Polizei Osnabrück

Two men have been arrested in Germany, after police found ecstasy tablets in the shape of Donald Trump.

Police in Osnabrück made the discovery on Saturday at around 9.00pm local time when they stopped a car on the A30.

A father and son, aged 51 and 17, were returning from The Netherlands after apparently trying to buy a car.

Image: Facebook/Polizei Osnabrück

But police say the sale never happened and they were stopped on their return into Germany.

Officials found about 5,000 ecstasy tablets with a portrait of the US president.

The drugs have a street value of approximately €39,000.


A large amount of cash was also seized.

The car was confiscated and towed and the two men appeared in court on Sunday.